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How to Use your Most Sparkling Asset: your Eyes

Eyes are the mirrors to the soul. It’s been said many times and still holds true.

We glean so much information from a person simply based on eye contact. And most of it is unconscious. We simply know that when we look at another, it speaks a million messages about trust, connection, empathy..and then there’s attraction–something that simply can’t be faked.

But did you know there are ways to use those sparkling orbs in your head for greater effect? That’s right. You can work those eyes of yours if you want to send a message of love:

Suggests communication expert Leil Lowndes:

Sticky Eyes

“Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partner’s with sticky warm taffy,” Lowndes advises. Even after they’ve finished speaking, don’t break eye contact. “When you must look away, do it ever so slowly, reluctantly, stretching the gooey taffy until the tiny string finally breaks.”

Remember, we help the beauty on the outside, but you’re responsible for the beauty inside!