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“Your team made this moment very special for us”

Hi Beth!

I wanted to write back to you earlier, but I just wanted to tell you, Joe, and the team that the ring is absolutely wonderful and beautiful!!!  I proposed to my girlfriend with the ring about 3 weeks ago at a beautiful and quiet spot in nature, and she was absolutely thrilled with the ring!!!  She said it’s everything she has hoped for and loves the detail, beautiful gems (seriously, the moissanite center stone is jaw dropping!), and the solid craftsmenship.  She loves it! (Even I find myself admiring it on her hand! :)
I just wanted to thank you so much for accommodating all my requests and making this ring absolutely perfect for me and my fiance.  Your team made this moment very special for us and we have a beautiful ring she plans to wear for life thanks to your help.
Thank you again!  Maybe next we can talk about wedding bands.  :)