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The Snitch Ring Goes Viral



Isn’t it interesting, the whole process of virality? One little video quickly thrown up on YouTube could change the lives of those who posted it.

This Canadian jeweler experienced her 15 minutes of fame and then some when a ring she created caught fire on the Internet.

A Harry Potter–inspired ring went viral this week, sending shoppers flying to get a piece of the boy who lived—and its designer scrambling to fulfill orders from her small Kingston, Ontario, shop.

The Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ring comes in silver and gold with citrine, topaz, sapphire, and moissanite stone options. The stones are all honey-colored, and the band is texturized to resemble the Snitch’s famous wings (in Potter lore, the Snitch is one of three balls used to play the game Quidditch). The ring retails for $140, with an 18k white gold option that costs $1,120.

The ring is not official merchandise, as designer Miranda Scott clarifies on her site (and quite sweetly, actually) with a small poem:

At this ring, have a look
It was inspired by a book
If you’re a wizard or witch
You could use it to get hitched
In gold or silver it may be bought
but official merchandise, it is not
Allow 3-4 weeks for me to make it for you,
and J.K Rowling, if you’re reading this—please don’t sue.


Source: JCK Online


Jeweler and creator of Snitch Ring, Miranda Scott

Jeweler and creator of Snitch Ring, Miranda Scott