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Jewelry has Gone to the Dogs!

Most don’t think of the ways in which jewelry stores give back to the community. This store has a smart plan that makes it easy for the customer to give and get in return:

While it’s experiencing some changes—relocating, closing and opening stores—one thing remains the same, Cartersville Jewelry Exchange continues to raise money for its favorite charity, Canine Assistants.

With its Batteries For Charity program, which began in 2009, the local business introduced a new concept in the jewelry industry—free watch batteries in exchange for charitable donations.

“It’s just something we wanted to do, it’s who we are,” Owner David Harrison said in a press release. “Here’s how it works: Your watch shoots craps, you need a battery, you bring it to us and we put you in a new one no charge, we ask you to contribute to our favorite charity, Canine Assistants. If its within your means dig deep, if not that’s cool, too, the battery is still on us.”

Cartersville Jewelry Exchange recently wrote a check for the $15,500 it raised through the program, and Harrison said it’s not stopping now. “Our goal is specific to raise another $15,500 to sponsor a second dog to donate to a child in need,” he added.

This year, the outlet has made several moves—closing its Jasper store and relocating it to Canton, moving the Cartersville store to another shopping center in town and opening a new location in Rome, while continuing its ongoing operation in Calhoun.

This article is part of Dispatches: The Changing American Dream, our ongoing series about how people in Cartersville are adapting to the challenges of life in the 21st Century. Source: Carterville Patch