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Our DIY (Dream it Yourself) Contest is ON!

We’ve received close to 30 submissions for our Dream it Yourself custom design jewelry contest this year – the most ever! And now, we need your help. Take a moment to review our handcrafted pieces, designed according to each contestant’s exact specifications. Which one catches your eye? Ask your friends and family to vote, too!

“This year, we were truly amazed by the amount of submissions. Our one-of-a-kind jewelry design contest is really catching on! And each and every piece has a story to tell. One common theme among all of the pieces? A genuine sense of play. Everyone was prepared to take some fun and unusual chances. As designers, we were more than happy to oblige!”

– Joe Schubach

When you vote, here are the some points to consider:

1. Originality – does the piece have a distinct mark of individuality to it?

2. Playfulness – does the piece have a fun, personal touch to it?

3. Overall Feeling – how does the piece make you feel? Is it evocative?

Stop by and cast your vote!