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Fashion Don’ts of 2010

I often find it easier to make a fashion resolution than one I bound not to keep (dieting, exercise more, etc.)

Let’s review some of the worst fashion choices of the last year as a reminder of what not to do!

The retro hippie pile-on look - just say no!

Skintight leopard...only works on rock stars. And even that's debateable.

Don't be a high-heeled furball. And really...who wears fur anymore? It's cool to be concerned.

The boots and socks thing...nope.

Dresses in the daytime - and various-size and age models being shown in big magazines like Glamour! Finally.

High-waisted jeans...egad. They've been a "no" for a long time.

Sweats with heels and...well, you decide!

Source: Glamour Magazine