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Can Money Buy Happiness?

A recent study shows that indeed some purchases can boost your “happy” level. Experiential purchases – such as a vacation – often provide more happiness.

Luckily, at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we believe purchasing jewelry is an experience – an ongoing one that continues to keep giving back to you.

Here’s the excerpt from Psychology Today:

Philosophers since Aristotle have claimed that experiences fulfill us more than material goods. To test this claim, a pair of psychology professors examined discretionary spending on material purchases (such as jewelry or clothing) and experiential ones (such as vacations or tickets to a concert). In a nationwide phone survey of 1,279 adults, respondents were much more likely to claim that a prior experiential purchase made them happier than a material one—57 percent versus 34 percent—even after accounting for differences in price.

Of course, some items—such as books or sports gear—are both material and experiential. And one person’s splurge may be another’s must-have. So the researchers simply asked respondents to think of purchases they’d made “with the intention of advancing their own happiness.”

Advance your own happiness with a jewelry experience today!