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How to shrink a swollen ring finger


Before you go through the trying ordeal of having a ring cut off of your finger, think of bringing down the swelling in a finger first (obvious, right?).

First, don’t panic. Most stuck ring situations are remedied fairly easily. This means: stop pulling and yanking. Instead, take a deep breath and try these solutions first:

Try an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, especially if your swollen finger was caused by an injury. This helps reduce pain and inflammation.


Fill a small tub or basin with a mixture of water and ice and set it somewhere higher than head level (like the top of a fridge, for instance) .

Raise your arm above your head for five minutes. This will naturally aid the fluid and blood drainage out of your hand.

Place your hand into the ice water for ten minutes. Your hand should still be elevated considerably above the level of your heart while it rests in the ice water.

How does this work: the cold constricts blood vessels,  which further reduces swelling and makes it easier to remove any rings stuck on your finger.

Still struggling with it? 

A little oil rubbed on and around the ring will help!