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Holiday Gifts without Pricetags


Even though we specialize in high-end jewelry, we keenly understand that it isn’t the gift itself that matters as much but the intention behind it. Think of a young child offering a bouquet of daisies, for instance. It’s a precious gift because of the sweetness underneath it all.

If you’re still thinking of what to give that certain someone this holiday, remember that love comes in all packages that don’t necessarily require money.

How about these free (or really inexpensive) gift suggestions:

Time. For older people especially, a little company goes a long way. If there’s someone in your life that you know could stand some one-on-one time, make a point to sit down with him or her for a cup of tea and shared, kind words. Listen extra attentively (a gift in and of itself).

Letters or cards. While holiday card-giving seems to be waning in our virtual world, everyone likes to get a personalized letter or card in the mail. But kick it up a notch. Don’t just send a signed Hallmark card. Find something special and dare to write a personalized note detailing to the receiver just how important he or she is in your life. Add a little something to it, like a pressed flower or a found feather for an extra creative touch.

Shared meals. Cooking a meal together is a bonding and beautiful experience. If you haven’t scored all the presents you need for your friends and family this holiday, make a date and cook a meal for a small group of loved ones. Allow the guests to share in the process–people generally like taking part in making a meal, even if its just setting the table or taste testing the offerings.

The best part with these suggestions? They remind us that the holidays are about the love we feel for those in our life…something we can’t put a pricetag on!