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Quick, Easy (and Free) Ways to Feel Prettier


Most of us know firsthand the power of genuine self-esteem. It’s that sweet, intoxicating feeling that we radiate, regardless of what we wear and how we look on the outside. We often search for beauty elsewhere when we secretly know the real answer.

Here are three fast and free ways to feel pretty, not found in any department store:

1. Stand up straight and proud. Think of the prettiest woman in the world. Every hair in place, make-up perfect and the sexiest outfit imaginable. Now imagine her slouching, as if she had the weight of the world was on her. Not so beautiful anymore, right? While the days of standing straight in a military style are gone, gently pulling your shoulders back and keeping your head high are and enough to send that powerful and pretty message of self-pride.

2. Drink a cup of gratitude. Sure, you’ve heard it before. Write a gratitude list and all will magically fall into place. While that may or not be the case, being in a state of gratitude for all that you’ve been given softens the rough edges and makes you appear pretty to the world…simply because you’re mirror the prettiness that surrounds you every day.

3. Clean your thoughts. Most of us have thoughts whirring about in our head every moment of the waking day. We’ve forgotten how to be present. Or worse, our thoughts are laden with worry and anxiety, making us feel like there’s a constant grey cloud above our heads (how pretty is that?).

Take some moments to hit the reset button. Breathe deeply and be present, even if its for a few moment. This type of clarity and presence can be seen in our physical being. A clean and open mind radiates beauty that others can clearly see.

Not feeling particularly pretty? That’s okay too. Beauty ultimately comes from self-acceptance. So if you’re having one of those off days, allow yourself to be there. Tomorrow offers up all sorts of beautiful possibilities.


Image credit: Only Good Pictures