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Metals Mix in Italy

Remember “back in the day” when mixing your metals was akin to wearing white shoes after Labor Day? Well thankfully we’ve busted down those old fashion restraints and made room for the following pieces (seen at the VicenzaOro show, which took place Jan. 18 to 23 in Vicenza, Italy).

From the Onda collection, Vendorafa’s 18-karat hammered yellow gold bracelet features 18-karat white gold stripes with diamonds.


Adami & Martucci’s signature mesh necklace is sterling silver with 24-karat yellow gold plating and 18-karat yellow gold accents ($265).


Fope Gioielli’s 18-karat gold “Wild Rose” rings with diamonds


Nouvelle Bague’s new Urban collection features these bracelets, which are 18-karat gold and steel with colored enamel.



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