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A Dazzling Glove Suited for the Queen of Pop

Madonna has worn fingerless gloves over the years. And throngs of Madonna-wannabes emulating this pop goddess followed in her footsteps (or handsteps?).

But this glove that Madonna donned for the premiere of her new ocumentary, takes the cake. Read on.

Madonna in a white gold and diamond Jacob & Co. glove at the premiere of Madonna: The MDNA Tour (Photo: WireImage/Kevin Mazur)

The dazzling glove was created by New York City–based luxury fine jewelry and watch brand Jacob & Co.

The one-of-a-kind Diamond Mesh Glove, which is part of a larger collection of one-off pieces called Rare Touch, was inspired by “a woman who is truly unique,” says designer Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co. “Madonna certainly exemplifies this kind of woman—a woman with great style who isn’t afraid to take risks. I am thrilled to have her be the first person to wear [it].”

Source: JCK