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The Dangers of Impractical Jewelry

Often women (and men) are focused on the “ooh and ahh” factor when purchasing jewelry. They want something stunning and eye-catching. Practicality becomes a distant second…until they start wearing it for a while. Unless you’re buying a piece just for that special event, jewelry needs to pass a strict practicality test. Floridian jeweler Richard Alan has this to say:

A ring that is to be worn 24/7 has to be able to take the wear and tear of every day life. It’s that simple. Or is it? Even something as simple as gravity has to be considered. A ring that is top heavy or bulky will always slip to the left or right if improperly designed. All pendants require first finding the center of gravity to assure they hang correctly on a chain or omega necklace. Naturally rings, bracelets, and even pendants with clusters of stones requiring multitudes of prongs will snag clothing. Prongs also require constant inspection and maintenance. The loss of one prong on four prong settings will result in stone loss.

Designs that incorporate channels or bezels to hold diamonds or gemstones are absolutely snag-proof; there are many ways to hold gemstones in jewelry without the use of prongs.

I’m not saying that I’m totally against using prongs. In many design applications they are required to achieve a certain look. On my contemporary pieces I try to avoid the use of prongs.  As long as the prongs are short, strong, minimal in quantity, and not high up in the air, they are less likely to snag.

One of the worst design mistakes is attaching a pendant directly to a chain or omega. More times that I can count, I face an unhappy new customer with a new expensive pendant (not my design) that refuses to lay flat, or it flops to the left or right, which can be annoying.

Most of the time the problem is with the original designer who failed to address an obviously simple fact… GRAVITY. A pendant on a neck display in a showcase will lie perfectly. On a moving human being it’s another thing. Shape a chain or ome

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Below is a great example of a pratical wedding band that doesn’t sacrifice beauty and designs. These comfort fit bands were created for serious wear, as a well-designed wedding band should be.

Platinum Comfort Fit Band With Satin Finish Center And High Polished Sides
Platinum Comfort Fit Band With Satin Finish Center And High Polished Sides