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Motif Jewelry – Creating your own Statement

What’s your totem animal? Are you stealthy and cat-like or more the lovable puppy? Perhaps you simply love frogs and they adorn your house (not the live kinds!)

Or you’re intrigued by any TV show featuring sharks. Or you’ve never gotten rid of that childhood love of dinosaurs.

Whatever your motif, we can create a piece of jewelry out of it. This has been done for centuries of course, and is tribal in origin. Some believe you are empowered by your totem animal or symbol and wearing it serves to strengthen you. Wear coins and bring money into your life. Wear sunshine and find your spirits lifting!

Here’s a little more on motif jewelry for 2010:

Don’t shy away from strong imagery this season.

Snakes, elephants, flowers, birds, and coins are some of the most popular motifs.

These elements add a very particular mood to a collection so find one that you like and then style it in a way that makes it your own.

Emphasize a motif by repeating it in many different ways.

For example: a necklace dripping with metal textured elephants, enamel elephants, carved wood elephants, and mixed with cords and chains can be a statement piece.

Applying chains in a snake-like pattern to a fabric frontal necklace can evoke the feeling of the snake without actually using the image.

Mixing and layering colorful flowers in fabrics, beads, and metals can create a romantic statement.

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Here’s one of our motif pieces – The Key of Love pendant necklace. Who knows what doors you could open?

Style 10347

Key of Love Necklace