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Jewelry – The Original Adornment

Humans. We’re weird animals. We’re the only living creature that feels the need to adorn our bodies. And it’s been going on for some time. How long? Oh just 75,000 years – give or take a centuries.

Jewelry was not only used for adornment but protection. Certain stones and natural objects were endowed with magical powers that could heal the sick or protect the hunter or keep the sky from falling (really bad thunderstorms concerned our ancient relatives!)

The next time you choose a piece of jewelry, think in terms of its power and what you want your new heirloom to represent. Perhaps it signifies ever-lasting love. Or good luck. Or protection. Or wholeness.

Whatever you decide, remember, jewelry is a powerful form of adornment. Buy or better yet, design a piece, with that in mind! Whether its moissanite or natural diamonds or Gemesis or sapphires or rubies – all gems and metals possess a certain energy, shaped by your desires and wishes.

Oldest Jewelry

The oldest jewelry recorded in history is made of tiny Mollusk Nassarius kraussianus. Scientist discovered that primitive humans used this tiny mollusk as beads to decorate themselves.