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Vintage Jewelry Perserveres in 2009

Yuli Ziv, New York’s hottest fashion and fashion celebrity blogger, has a lot to say about the jewelry trends for 2009. And when she speaks, people listen.

Yuli is an Entrepreneur (co-Founder of My”It”Things – online user generated fashion magazine and community) and Social media strategist (founding member of Style Coalition – coalition of independent online publishers in the fashion and lifestyle vertical.)

So what does Yuli have to say about jewelery choices for the year ahead?

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with Gallery Atlantic:



As a prominent fashion blogger what kind of jewelry do you think will be trendy this year?

Yuli Ziv:  I think in the last few seasons we've seen
lots of bold statement necklaces, and now the shift is towards earrings
as the main jewelry piece. Anything from long pieces, or
stones-encrusted styles like we've seen on the Vera Wang Fall 2009
runway, to the unique sword-like earrings shown by Zac Posen –– will
rule this upcoming season.

Do you see any particular jewelry/watch/accessories trend among the celebrities and the glitterati on the streets of New York?

Yuli Ziv:  Another emerging trend is vintage –– so
anything vintage looking from 40s style brooches to cocktail rings,
will play an important role in styling this year.


If you could have an interview with any jewelry designer in the world, who would it be?

Yuli Ziv:  I would love
to talk to the late Daniel Swarovski. There aren't many true inventors
in the field, and he was definitely one of them. It's amazing that
Swarovski brand is flourishing years after his death and continues to


Do you have a favorite piece you like to wear? What is it, why do you love it?

Yuli Ziv:  I love simple
modern looking jewelry, because it fits my personal style and most of
my wardrobe. TeNo is one of my favorite brands, as they manage to turn
any stones and metals into modern looking graphic shapes with a bit of
futuristic appeal. I recently got this TeNo Steel Ring w/White Pearl as
a gift and just don't take it off my finger.

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