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Cleopatra’s Jewelry – The Back Story



Interestingly, many people have never seen the 1963 film Cleopatra but what they do remember: the way star Elizabeth Taylor wore. Her look was so powerful and distinctive, one could venture to guess that most people picture her character first when they think of the actual historical figure.

Spotlight on: The Jewelry in Cleopatra

Every piece for the film Cleopatra were created by Italian jewelry house Bulgari. And that means every piece: including the infamous snake bracelet, the coin necklace and a mirror of yellow gold with turquoise (which apparently Taylor kept after the film was wrapped. She often included jewelry gifts as a signing bonus. Smart woman).

Snakes were a thematic motif for this film, so it’s no surprise it would have found its way into the design of the jewelry. The real Cleopatra wore snake-related accessories as well.

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