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Distressed metal – is it a look for you?



Do you like old blue jeans worn to perfection and comfort? Does a tussled, just got out of bed look appeal to your creative sensibilities? How about a penchant for old cars, tin signs and all things considered “shabby chic”?

Then you might be a perfect candidate for distressed metal.

What exactly is distressed metal? 

A common method to alter metal in jewelry is by adding texture. This adds an added level of visual attraction and depth to your piece of jewelry. Sanding and filing is the type of metalwork that results in a distressed metal look.

But you can also use plain old nail polish to give you this special look. Simple slather on a dark colored nail polish (or a fun, bright color for a different effect), then wipe it off. The nail polish will fall into the cracks creating a fun, fashionable and shabby chic look.

How to make cheap costume jewelry look vintage. 

Guess what? You probably have distressed metal in your jewelry box. That’s right – oxidized jewelry (jewelry that’s not polished) is considered a distressed metal and provides that vintagey, worn appeal. Instead of assuming it needs a good cleaning, pair it with a retro outfit that matches its current metal state.