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Cuddling – Nature’s Painkiller

Love is a many splendored thing. Of course, it feels good, right? We walk on air and look at the world through an entirely different lens.

But did you know intimacy actually has healing effects on our bodies? Love is like a special vitamin that fortifies us and makes us stronger! (Move over spinach.)

Oxytocin (the so-called love or “cuddle” hormone) is made (obviously) during a warm embrace. Oxytocin appears in the brain, ovaries and testicles and is believed to be involved in process of bonding. 

So sure, oxytocin makes us feel good but get this: it also can decrease headaches substantially (for some, it makes the pain disappear completely).

Think of that the next time you want to pop a pill for a headache. You might be in need of a good, long hug instead!