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Moissanite – the Meaning and the Morals behind it

“Many jewelers can do more to find out if their gold or diamonds are tainted by child labor or other human-rights abuses,” said Juliane Kippenberg, associate child-rights director at Human Rights Watch. “When someone buys a piece of jewelry for their loved one this Valentine’s Day, they should ask their jeweler what they have done to find out about its origin.”    []

We couldn’t agree more. Every day we witness firsthand a change in the diamond market as more people move toward diamond alternatives, especially moissanite.

Moissanite is an amazing stone that resembles a diamond in nearly every sense. To the naked eye it appears just as, if not even more, brilliant than it’s expensive natural counterpart. In a simple traditional thermal probe, this stone even shows up as a diamond. When it comes to the moissanite vs. diamond battle, test yourself and you will see it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Take a moment to learn more about moissanite. The days of yellowish, breakable diamond simulants are behind us (thank goodness). Dare to care by making your next custom design jewelry the perfect home for moissanite. Making a jewelry purchase that supports our fragile global ecology has never mattered more.