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Understanding the intricacies of hand engraved jewelry

Few of us truly understand the attention and skill required to become excellent in the craft of hand engraving. It’s an arena that requires the utmost in specialist knowledge, like understanding metals on an intimate level as well as learning to master precision tools. (And that’s on top of a solid base of calligraphic and artistic skills!)

And it’s an old craft. Hand-engraving has been around as long as jewelry itself. Historically, it’s been used in myriad of applications; from royal seals to hunting arms, bank notes and coins…and of course, jewelry.

When it comes to hand engraved jewelry, we all intrinsically understand the end result. A simple ring with engraved details–even initials or dates–can provide personality and sentiment that bring the piece of jewelry to an entirely different level.

If you’re interested in a hand-engraved piece of jewelry, we’re happy to provide our exemplary skills to your personal heirloom!