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The Look (and Feel) of Spring Jewelry


Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. – Rainier Maria Rilke

When I saw this colorful spindel pendant on JCK, it got me thinking of Spring. Then (more importantly, for the sake of this blog post): Spring jewelry. To me, Spring jewelry should be colorful or designed in a manner that elicits feelings of Spring (a floral or leaf design for example).

Most people don’t think in terms of colorful jewelry, but nothing catches the eye like it. (Imagine someone wearing the necklace above against the backdrop of a black shirt, for example. It would “pop” visually, right?) Colorful jewelry is also a natural spirit lifter (though we’ve done no scientific studies!).

So what’s on tap for your Spring jewelry this season? Here’s a list of colorful gems to spark your imagination. Then contact us and let us create a piece to welcome in many Springs to come!


About the pendant above:

Designed by Susan Wheeler, necklace is 18k yellow gold with Vietnamese spinel, Brazilian tourmaline crystal, and fair-trade Malawi padparadscha sapphires.