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Genetic Jewelery for the DNA-Lovin’ Woman

While we customize all kinds of jewelry, this might go beyond the scope of our team.

Now you can have a customized pendant designed from your particular DNA. I’m not sure how you would test it for accuracy…but it sure is an interesting concept.

According to 10x:

British designer Alexander Davis, creates DNA pendants that are unique to each wearer and inspired by his degree in biochemistry.

When a DNA pendant is commissioned by a client, they take a blood sample from the wearer and send it to a lab for DNA sequencing, Davis told me over email. They then find an area of their DNA that is likely to contain some unique code on which they can model the pendant.

062215_Alexander Davis DNA Pendant

The combination of gemstones on the necklace corresponds to a unique part of that sequence, representing their four-letter DNA code.

This particular one pictured here is made in platinum and set with diamonds, sapphires, and amethyst and priced from £15,000 (roughly $23,800).