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Helping the Plight of Bees with Beautiful Bee-related Jewelry

Another way that not only is jewelry beautifying our world but contributing to causes and making a difference. Read on.

From 10x.

Last spring, Michelle Graff wrote an informative blog on the plight of the honeybee: how colonies are collapsing, hives are failing and bees are dying, as covered in a Swiss documentary called More than Honey. At the end of her blog, she highlighted two brands that were introducing bee-related jewelry designs, the sales of which would profit organizations working to understand and combat the factor contributing to bee colony collapse.

One of these brands was Gumuchian, which debuted its “B” collection at last year’s Couture show. The B collection offers honeycomb-themed jewelry made in 18-karat gold with diamonds, and a proceeds of all sales from the line go to HoneyLove, which champions urban beekeeping and home gardens.

040915_Sunflower 040915_HoneyBee
From Gumuchian’s B collection, an 18-karat gold and yellow sapphire sunflower charm ($1,800 retail) and an 18-karat yellow gold and diamond honey bee charm ($2,400 retail)