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Lionfish Jewelry Helps Economy and Environment in Belize

Nothing excites us more than when jewelry-making and a good cause combine. In this case, the invasive lionfish which threatens to destroy the waters of Belize because of its and ability to procreate at a rapid pace and eat with abandon. Read on.

The tail of the lionfish is considered waste among fishermen, as it is not edible.  By using the tails of the lionfish for jewelry, each lionfish caught then gains 40 percent more monetary value. The upfront investment to produce jewelry requires a small amount of varnish to treat the lionfish tail and supplies for making the jewelry which gives the women a huge profit margin on each piece sold. Considering the marine life attracts so many tourists that visit Belize, the lionfish jewelry has a large market made up of people willing to pay a premium price.

Source: 3P

Some examples of lionfish jewelry: