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“Bulletproof” Necklace Saves Lives

We’ve discussed jewelry as a form of protection in historical times (to ward off evil and bring luck) but this story gives a whole new meaning to its magical properties.

Janeice Frisbee of Humboldt, Tenn., was shot point-blank in the chest last week, and by all accounts, she survived because her necklace stopped the bullet.

“No one can believe that bullet didn’t go through that necklace,” Frisbee told WMC Action News 5.

The $45 Tree of Life necklace, made of sterling silver wire and small gemstones, was a gift from Frisbee’s son and daughter-in-law. It was purchased from Colorado-based designer Amanda Toddings’ Etsy store, Mandala Rain.

WBBJ 7 News spoke to Toddings about her design. “If I purposely tried to break the necklace myself with pliers I could do it in seconds,” she said. “It’s not a bulky, silver belt buckle or a medallion, it’s just wire and beads.”

“The things that we choose to do for other people, like giving them a gift, you really never know what the far-reaching effects are going to be,” she said.

The necklace is currently with the FBI as evidence, but the family says it is still intact.

Source: JCK