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The “Experience Economy” and What it Means to Us

Although this emotionally-based marketing trend seems to be really taking off, dare we say that we’ve been employing it for over 100 years? Yes, we dare!

What is an Emotional Connection?

The CEO of says that “every call is perceived as a way to make a positive emotional connection with a customer.”  So, what does “emotional connection” mean? It’s about capturing hearts and minds, for how a company makes us feel determines our opinions about it and our buying decisions.  It is more psychological than logical. And, more unconscious than conscious.

Pine and Gilmore in their book, The Experience Economy, note that one of the major characteristics of the experience economy is that customers become engaged in a “personal” way. And, they make a compelling case that today’s customers want and expect to be “positively, emotionally and memorably impacted at every level of their commercial existence.”

This means that today’s service providers need to develop and demonstrate higher levels of emotional competency.



We learned a long time ago that purchasing jewelry is a very personal and intimate experience, based on expectations of love and connection. We have your heart in our hands!


main view of Round Pave Stone Heart Pendant

Style 10044

Round Pave Stone Heart Pendant

Price: $1,625.00 – $3,349.00


Heart pendant and bail with approximately 1 2/5ct t.w. round brilliant pave’ stones, comes with an 18″ cable chain.
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