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How We Personalize our Business

When I read this article at Rena Klingenberg’s site called “How to Sell Jewelry in  a Saturated Market,” one section in particular stood out:

4. Infuse Your Jewelry and Your Business with YOU

Your uniqueness is one of your strongest advantages.When you’re being your authentic self, nobody can compare to you.

So differentiate your creations and your business from the crowd by infusing them with YOU.


My father and grandfather may have said the exact same thing! Every sale we make is a personal experience…because jewelry is highly personal. It can represent love, dreams, commitment…even eternity. We’ve known this from the very beginning (over 100 years ago, when our business just started) and continue with that ethic today.

With us, you can expect a personalized experience. We do more than sell jewelry; we’re matchmakers, making sure you’re fit with the right piece that suits you perfectly!