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Crocodile-Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry that just might bite!

For Pierre Hardy’s latest Hermès high jewelry collection, Niloticus, named after the Latin for “Nile crocodile,” the Parisian designer reimagined the reptilian armor as a necklace made from 112 handcrafted rose gold scales studded with diamonds and deep-hued tourmalines, iolites and peridots. “It was exciting to create a very modern piece with an archaic pattern, and to find an intriguing way to mimic the geometric fluidity of the skin,” said Hardy, who has, since his first trip to the Nile, been fascinated by the mood that the river creates, “like a perfume with a very specific sweet and mellow feeling.” Each necklace is custom-made and takes over 400 hours to produce.

Source: New York Times