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The Gift of Jewelry for Mom

1. Realize the importance: Moms consider jewelry from a son or daughter to be a prized possession – something to be cherished for a lifetime. Take your time in making this purchase. Check your local jewelers and research jewelry online. Ask other family members for input by sending relevant links, images, etc. And don’t wait until a week before her birthday!

2. Recognize her style: Jewelry is not one size fits all! If your mother has hundreds of earrings, you might want to consider an engraved necklace or ring. Are her tastes classic or edgy? Is she a practical or romantic sort? (If practical, an oversized piece of jewelry might not be the way to go, for instance.) Look at her wardrobe. Is she a flashy or conservative type? What colors does she lean  toward?

3. Go ask your mother! There are ways to find out about your mother’s tastes without giving away the secret. Ask about a ring she’s wearing and why she likes it. Take a look through her jewelry box (discreetly, of course!) Again, ask other family members. In short, go to the source.

Giving the gift of jewelry to your mother is a big deal, simply because it’s from you. Why not make it really special by taking some time to research, asking around and picking just the right piece?