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Caring for your Gold Jewelry

Just because gold is known for its high durability doesn’t mean that your gold jewelry doesn’t need some love and care. Here are a few pointers that will extend the life of your gold jewelry and keep you looking dazzling:


* Keep your jewelry away from chlorine as chlorine can weaken its structure and lead to breakage.

* Remove your jewelry and keep wrapped in a small soft cloth such as a chamois at the end of each day.

* Clean at least once a week with an appropriate cleaner, this will ensure that your jewelry keeps the shine and luster it had when first purchased.

* If you do not have a commercial cleaner a small amount of soapy water containing mild soap and a toothbrush will do just fine. Ensure that you leave your gold to air dry and then buff when drying is complete.

* Get them professionally cleaned at least once per year at a jeweler especially if they have precious stones embedded into them.


* Wear your jewelry while swimming in chlorinated pools.

* Wear while bathing as soaps tend to leave a film on your gold rendering lusterless.

* Wear your gold jewelry all the time, this will add to wear and tear to it and cause it to be more vulnerable. Keep some pieces only for special occasions.

* Store jewelry in a place that it will rub on other jewelry or the storage container

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Style 7231WB

Ladies’ 14kt Yellow Gold Anniversary Band

Ladies’ anniversary band, .50ct t.w. channel set diamonds, 14kt yellow gold.

Metal: 14kt Yellow Gold
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