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Kimberly and Nelson’s Engagement Story


When Nelson and I began the process of selecting the most important rings we will ever purchase in our lives, we sat down with Joe Schubach.  I have seen first-hand Joe's amazing work because his beautiful custom wedding ring designs are worn by my mother, and both of my two sisters.  When we completed the design of the ring, it was just days before Thanksgiving and Nelson and I were headed to snowy Ann Arbor, Michigan to spend time with his side of the family.  On the day before Thanksgiving, we sat down in front of the cozy fireplace, and Nelson was holding his newborn nephew in his arms.  When he gave me his nephew to hold, I saw there was a little pink ribbon attached to the baby's front pocket.  As I slowly pulled the ribbon out of the pocket, the end of the ribbon revealed "the ring!"  I think the first thing I said was "this is the ring," completed to perfection in just days.  Then Nelson knelt down and proposed marriage and I said yes, with tears and all.  Just about a month later, I was doing a segment for FOX 10 Arizona Morning Show and they announced our engagement.  In their normal family fun, they made me show the ring and the camera zoomed right in.  Here is a close up from the segment: