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Differences in Jewelry Appraisal Value – Caveat Emptor!


I came across a story this morning that made me realize the importance of getting a valid, substantiated appraisal of your jewelry’s worth before you purchase. (Afterward, its often too late as this story details.)

The short version: a couple went on a cruise and on one of the stops (Belize City) found a set of tanzanite jewelry they fell in love with. The cruise line recommended the company (Diamonds International) so they thought they were safe when they made a substantial purchase.

But when they returned home, they found out the tanzanite jewelry they purchased was worth a fraction of the value they were quoted by Diamonds International. Luckily they get a portion of their money back (after much wrangling and press attention).

The takeaway? Get your jewelry appraised by a certified jewelry appraiser. And do you due diligence in advance. Research the appraiser for training and reputation.

We like the list of appraisers at the American Gem Society.

According to their website:

“Our certified jewelry appraisers are the best in the business. As a nonprofit dedicated to protecting you, the consumer, we put each appraiser through rigorous training and certification process.”

Jewelry is an investment and needs to be treated as such, with the same care and research. A little homework and the input of an expert is often all it takes to ensure your investment is truly worth its while.