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Plus-sized Jewelry Making a Splash

When checking the jewelry trends on Twitter this am, our staff became intrigued by the latest news on plus-sized jewelry. According to Mic: 

Plus-size clothing brand Universal Standard is launching a jewelry collection on Tuesday, July 11, Mic reports. The silver necklace, choker, bracelet, earrings, and rings are designed to fit around and lay elegantly on larger bodies.

“The most basic problem [with mainstream jewelry] is just that it doesn’t fit,” Universal Standard co-founder and creative director Alexandra Waldman. “Regular jewelry isn’t made to scale. This is a line of jewelry that is meant to look native on a bigger body. The longer necklace falls exactly as it should on a longer body. The rings fit. The jointed choker always lays flat on the chest, and can be worn on a larger neck really beautifully.”

And yes, we get this firsthand (though we certainly feel we have scaleable jewelry that works on all types of body). We strongly advocate a holistic  approach when it comes to wearing jewelry. That means taking into consideration (prior to purchase) body type, lifestyle, budget (of course) and personal taste (of course).

Jewelry must feel like a natural extension of you, whatever your size!