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Women’s Jewellery Network announces first ethics & sustainability ambassador

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A trend we’ll continue to see in the jewelry industry? A much-needed focus on sustainable jewelry as well as transparency when it comes to the sourcing of jewelry.

More consumers and jewelry makers are concerned about the devastating ecological consequences of metal mining, dirty metals, unfair trading practices and a wide array of other harmful effects jewelry making can cause.

Most recently, The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN), the UK’s only dedicated organization supporting women working in the UK jewellery industry, has announced Victoria Waugh as its first UK ambassador for ethics and sustainability.

Waugh has more than 15 years’ business development experience across the clothing, jewellery and accessory sectors, plus leading the Fairtrade Foundation’s work to launch Fairtrade gold, bringing a wealth of commercial expertise and knowledge of sustainable and ethical practices to the WJN and its members.

The new WJN ambassador, Victoria Waugh, shares: “I am delighted to join this important movement as its ambassador for ethics and sustainability. Having spent many years advising businesses on responsible sourcing, I’ve learnt that it is only by working together and transparently sharing our experiences that we can drive positive change for all those involved in the jewellery supply chain. I hope my role will support members to understand the impact jewellery manufacture has on people and planet; and to provide practical guidance on running a better jewellery business.” [Source: Professional Jeweller]

We hope this trend (and our part in it) will continue to build, grow and expand!