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Super Bowl rings – how much are they really worth?

Tom Brady throws the ball during Super Bowl XXXIX. Brady connected with game Most Valuable Player Deion Branch 11 times to tie a Super Bowl record. II Marine Expeditionary Force Marines were able to attend using tickets from the Cleveland Browns’ Hats Off to Heroes program.

First let’s get the congratulations out of the way:



Okay, now back to jewelry business. Any of the players of the winning Super Bowl team are awarded rings that showcase their climb to the top of the NFL.

Where does the tradition of the Super Bowl ring come from?


Commemorative rings can be traced back as far back as the 1920’s, though they weren’t always rings (the New York Yankees famously gifted their team watches in 1928 in lieu of rings).

Vince Lombardi actually personalized (hello custom design!) the first Super Bowl ring by adding an inscription (“Harmony, Courage, Valor) and a logo.


How much does the Super Bowl ring cost?


While the final cost is uncapped, the NFL pays up to around $7,000 (£5,000) per ring (with big spenders like the 2015 New England Patriots who reportedly paid $35,000 for each of their Super Bowl rings).

All Super Bowl rings must be made of 10-karat plumb gold and usually features a large number of diamonds win. Super Bowl rings are not often sold but players have been known to auction them off.

To get an idea of their valuation: New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor’s son auctioned one of his father’s two Super Bowl rings for $230,000. Not bad!