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  • Small Bridal Parties – Trend for 2018

    wedding-1990621_960_720 2

    Before, being chosen to take part in a bridal party didn’t always inspire pure joy. Most potential party members realized that they’d have to put out a lot of time, effort and money (on top of wearing a questionably fashionable bridesmaid dress, for the women).

    But as more millennials marry, it’s no surprise that they’re choosing smaller bridal parties. (They’re a pragmatic bunch, those 20-somethings. They realize that a smaller bridal party means less hassle and less money.)

    According to Martha Stewart Weddings:

    In recent years, we’ve seen brides with huge bridal parties. The largest one in 2017 tallied up to thirteen ‘maids! But Kara Delay of Love This Day Events has predicted that brides will choose smaller groups—made up of a single maid of honor or just one or two bridesmaids—in 2018.

    There’s also been a trend toward more transparency in the process. Bridal party members are told up front what is expected of them, but not demanded. Members can now participate how they sit, financially and personally. This makes for a more relaxed process…and a more relaxed wedding in the long run.

  • Choosing the RIGHT Jewelry for a Sleeveless Wedding Gown

    Wow, you couldn’t ask for a more info-packed and SHORT video. This eHow video addresses any points we’d mention to clients when choosing jewelry with a sleeveless gown (down to wearing a stunning bracelet on the hand that will be cutting the wedding cake). If you’re a bride who needs to make big fashion decisions and is short on time, this is the video for you!

  • How to make the most of your wedding engagement photos

    Most of the focus (excuse the pun) on photography are on the Big Day, but your engagement photos are equally important and often overlooked when it comes to detail. This sweet little video details the importance of integrating your wedding colors early (if you’re not sure, go with neutral) and the fun fake art of the “pretty laugh.”

  • Do or Don’t Go Big for Wedding Earrings?

    I read this in a Glamour article and begged to disagree. They had this to say about earring choices for bridesmaids:


    DO go big!
    Especially if you’re wearing your hair down! Dainty earrings will get lost in your hair. Punch up your look with some dramatic statement earrings!

    0209-vintage-chandelier-earrings_we.jpgVintage Chandelier Earrings


    0209-chandelier-statement-earrings_we.jpgChandelier Statement Earrings


    Now, in my opinion, bridesmaids’ dresses can often be showy and over-the-top. And even if they are subtle, large earrings can be distracting. The idea is to enhance the look of the bride, not upstage her.

    Here’s a pair of earrings I’d suggest for either type of dresses, whether it be ostentatious or ordinary:

    main view of Round Moissanite Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings

    Style 10361MS

    Round Moissanite Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings

    Inside-outside hoop earrings with approximately 9/10ct t.w. (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite stones. Each earring measures 16x2mm wide, set in 14kt white gold.

    Available in different metals, please call for more info.



  • Choosing Earrings for your Wedding

    Since we’ve seen so many brides come and go over the years, we wanted to throw out a few tips about choosing earrings for the “big day.”

    1. Don’t wait until the last minute. We’ve seen this kind of procrastination time and time again. Brides are concerned with their rings but often don’t give too much thought to their earrings beforehand. But earrings play an important role in your overall look. Countless photos of your face will be taken, with your earrings doing the “framing” work. Take some time beforehand, after you’ve purchased your gown and decided on your hair style. When brides wait until the last minute, they’re often stressed and choose something on the conservative side, which may or may not be a smart choice.

    2. Think Big. We’re never one to push for an “over the top” look (unless that’s what you typically wear) but with earrings for your wedding, there’s a lot to compete with, including a gown and often, a complicated hairdo. The earrings shouldn’t get swallowed in the look, but integrate and enhance.

    3. But Don’t Over-accessorize. A little contradictory to the previous point, but if you are going to choose bold, dangling earrings, you don’t want to choose a big, chunky necklace, for instance. This holds true whether it’s a wedding or not; let one piece do the talking.

    Below is an example of a stylish, classic pair of earrings that enhance and support most bridal gowns and hairdos.

    main view of Pear Moissanite And Natural Diamond Drop Earrings Style 10370MS

    Pear Moissanite And Natural Diamond Drop Earrings

    Antique design drop earrings featuring two 6x4mm (.48ct dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created pear shape moissanites and approximately 1/6ct t.w. natural diamonds. Available in 14kt white gold only.

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  • Choosing Jewelry for your Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids have a sordid history, fashion-wise. Most women equate bridesmaid dresses with an article of clothing that they’ll only ever wear once. Which is a shame, because a. they cost money and b. a dress should be worn again (unless you’re royalty!)

    But what about jewelry? Jewelry is a popular gift for bridesmaids and when the piece is just right, its bound to please for years to come. Here are some tips from

    Step 1:

    Consider the theme of the wedding when choosing jewelry. If you’re having a beach wedding, buy a charm bracelet with crustacean charms. For a more formal wedding, you might look for pearl earrings.

    Step 2:

    Pick jewelry that will complement the bridesmaids’ dresses well. Necklaces should not dangle past the top of the dress fabric. Short earrings are best for high dress necklines, and bracelets are excellent choices for bare wrists.

    Step 3:

    Choose something that will complement the looks of all your bridesmaids. For this reason, conservative selections such as stud earrings or simple necklaces are preferred over dangling earrings and colorful bracelets. Those items are also likely to photograph better.

    Step 4:

    Traditionally, brides gives bridesmaids identical gifts, but you can take one gift idea and tweak it for each bridesmaid’s personality. For example, if you’re giving silver necklaces, each necklace can have a different pendant suited to that bridesmaid. Just make sure that any cost differences among the necklaces are negligible.

    Personally, we think this is a bridesmaid gift for all occasions:


    main view of Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

    Style 10579

    Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

    Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace, 10mm-11mm, 18″ long with a sterling silver clasp.
    For a larger view click here

    Available in:
    Multi Color (dyed color)
    Chocolate (dyed color)

  • What’s the Best Way to Save Money on an Engagement Ring?

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers in Scottsdale, AZ. Joe is a third-generation jeweler and our company creates high-end custom design engagement rings, so we’re highly knowledgeable on ways to save you money for your upcoming wedding.

    Here are our top suggestions:

    1. Moissanite

    We can’t stress this one enough. So many of our clients who couldn’t afford a ring using natural diamonds saw their dreams come true with moissanite. Moissanite is more than a diamond simulant; it’s a lab-created diamond, with parallel properties. It even exceeds diamonds in some areas, such as brilliance.

    It’s also an eco-friendly choice. Considering many jewelers can’t tell the difference between moissanite and diamonds, we think this is one of the best ways to save money and choose the ring of your dreams.

    2. Custom design it.

    When YOU decide on the material and design of your ring, you have much more control regarding the overall cost of the ring. In addition to having a one-of-a-kind ring, you intrinsically feel more connected with the ring, because it’s your brain child with your personal signature. You’ll learn what metals and gems are more affordable than others and base your design accordingly.

    3. Ring Makeovers

    Many have a family heirloom in their possession but aren’t fond of the design. A ring makeover allows you to use the existing material and upgrade the look according to your style. It’s also an eco-friendly choice, since you’re repurposing an existing piece of jewelry. On top of that, you have a ring with family history imbued in it.

    So there you go – ways to save money on engagement rings during trying economic times!

    Save 30% Now! Round Moissanite Engagement Ring With Side Stones



  • Dan and Diane’s Proposal at the Basilica!

    Dan and Diane's Proposal

    Hey Joe,
    On September 15, 2010, Diane and I took an excursion into Rome from the cruise ship.  Our excursion took us to the Vatican City where we walked through the Vatican museum.  Then we went through the Sistine Chapel, and to St. Peter’s Basilica.  There, in the middle of the Basilica, I pulled Diane from the tour into an open space.  I held her hand and looked her in the eye and said:  “Baby, we’ve seen some of the most beautiful things today, created by the hand of God, but nothing as beautiful as you,” as I dropped to my knee and showed her the engagement ring.  Then I said, “I love you so much, will you marry me?”  She started to cry and said: “I would love to…I love you so much.”  I put the ring on her finger and had a deep romantic kiss as the folks looking on started to clap. That photo was sent to me by someone on the tour.  People we didn’t even know were coming up to us and giving us hugs and kisses.  It was awesome.
    P.S. Thank you Joe, so much for helping me with the ring.  It made a beautiful experience really shine.

    Best regards, Dan

  • Wearing Fake Jewelry on your Wedding Day

    Times are tough. Your big day may require a little…adjusting in order to fit a tight budget. Or even if budget isn’t an issue, your real focus may be on a great wedding ring but a bracelet on your right wrist might not be as important. Here are some tips from Glamour Online that will help you look your most glamourous without breaking the bank:

    Stick to spots that no one will be scrutinizing. Some of your guests may want to see your new wedding ring. So lay off the faux stuff on your left hand. I totally rocked a stretchy rhinestone bracelet on my right hand that was $8 from Duane Reade, a chain of convenience stores in New York! From afar, it fit right in with the real jewelry (close up was a different story, but no one was eyeballing my right wrist!). Other areas that are safe for fakes: your hair and your ears.

    Make pals with polish or a DIY remedy for tarnished baubles. Nothing reveals fake jewelry’s dirty little secret more than rusty or otherwise discolored spots.

    Go for pieces that could be heirlooms. Vintage-style accoutrements have such a distinctive air, whether or not they fall into the real-jewelry category. If it goes with your wedding-day look, opt for some sparkle that seems ripped from another era.

    Here’s some additional points from readers:

    “If you’re blending real and fake pearls, take the real ones with you when you go shopping for the falsies. And if your dress has beading, rhinestones or embroidery, ask the shop to snip or sell you a few for color comparison.”

    “I wore J Crew earrings and bracelets and the photographer asked me if they were heirloom! I am sure the vintage look helped but they were fabulous!”

    “I really don’t care if people know what I’m wearing is “fake” or not. I have no problem whatsoever with costume jewelry–why pay all that money for something you might wear a handful of times?”

    “My tennis bracelet and my solitaire earrings are real diamonds but I wanted to wear dangle earrings since I was wearing my hair up so my husband bought me CZ drop earrings, I took them apart, added o-rings, and slipped them behind my real diamond solitaires. No one could tell the difference.”

    Here’s a moissanite and cubic zirconia piece that is finely crafted and perfect for couples on a tight budget:

    Style 10310-

    Save 40% Custom Created Moissanite Engagement Ring Wtih Pave CZ Side Stones

    Custom created engagement ring with a 1.50ct (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round brilliant moissanite center and nearly 200 round cubic zirconia pave’ side stones in 14kt white gold, one piece only in ring size 7.

    Save 40%! Use the coupon code below for discount at the end of the checkout process.

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