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Forever One (F1) Moissanite

  • Charles and Colvard F1 Hearts and Arrow Moissanite

    Charles & Colvard’s new Forever One Hearts and Arrows cut, moissanite cut to diamond proportions. We think it’s absolutely gorgeous! This video shot outside in indirect lighting.

    Unedited studio video. You can see the arrows for a split second when the stone is directly facing the camera.

  • The Perfect Pairing: Two Tone Yellow and White Gold

    Why own a two-tone piece of jewelry? 

    Well first, it’s eye-catching. The combination of white and yellow gold (as shown in the videos below) can really showcase the shape and design of your ring. It’s the subtlety of the two shades working together that help distinguish separate parts of the ring.

    Two tone jewelry also never goes out of style. (In this case, yellow gold is a classic favorite while white gold is currently trending but eternally captivating.)

    Lastly, two tone metals remind us that the old rule that “metals should never mix” is simply not true. Instead, the power of each metal is enhanced by one  another, not diminished.

    What’s your two-tone jewelry dream? Share it with us and we’ll create a wearable reality just for you!


  • How Blue Diamonds get their Wondrous Hue

    While fancy colored diamonds are all the rage, most don’t know much about them. Take blue diamonds, for instance. While they continue to garner top dollar at high-end auctions around the world (they are extremely rare), most don’t know how they got that way. Are they actually treated diamonds (no, not true GIA certified blue diamonds) or did Mother Nature use her wily magic (yes!).

    It just takes a small amount of boron and a low amount of nitrogen. Its these trace ingredients (basically impurities trapped in the crystal’s structure) that create the beautiful blue hue. Currently, blue diamonds are found in a only a few mines around the world. And as mentioned, they are very rare: only about one in 200,000 diamonds display blue with far fewer displaying deep color.

    The Sky Blue Diamond

    The Sky Blue Diamond, an 8.01-carat fancy vivid blue diamond mounted on a diamond ring designed by Cartier, sold for more than $17 million at Sotheby’s. Source: Forbes


  • Fun Jewelry Hacks!

    There’s a certain formality to jewelry…and lots of rules. But guess what? Rules are meant to be broken! These fun jewelry hacks bypass traditional jewelry maintenance and storage tips and offer up some out-of-the-box suggestions. [Hint: ketchup is not just for french fries.]

  • Green Gemstones – Which Shade is Best for Your Engagement Ring?

    Nothing shows you the difference in color and brilliance than a good old-fashioned side-by-side test. If you’re interested in a green gemstone for your engagement ring, see firsthand the difference between green sapphire and medium green moissanite (which is a paler shade of green than you may think).

    Both gems are distinctively and strikingly green and similar in hardness, but note the slight difference in hue…and of course, price. Moissanite continues to offer amazing shades, durability and a price that most can afford.

    [Remember: moissanite is not a diamond simulant or substitute but its own type of gem. Moissanite has a hardness ranging from 9.2 to 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which puts it closer to ruby and sapphire (at 9).  Diamond—at the top of scale—at 10.0.]


  • The Symbol of a Safety Pin

    You may be seeing the common safety pin as the new jewelry of choice following the recent U.S. elections. The idea originated in the UK following Brexit. According to the BBC, hate crimes increased after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.

    What does the safety pin represent?

    It represents solidarity with people who say they have suffered racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and homophobia, among other manifestations of bigotry. The underlying message: I understand and you’re safe with me.

    Image result for safety pin

  • It’s all in the Cut

    The process of cutting and polishing gems is called gem-cutting (or lapidary). Gems are cut and polished by progressive abrasion using finer and finer grits of harder substances.

    Above is an example of how cutting affects a gemstone’s appearance. These are 3.5mm yellow sapphires prior to going into a bracelet. Stone #1, in addition to having better proportions, has a flower, or star pattern at the base/culet of the stone. The result is a much brighter looking stone.

    When it comes to gem-cutting, every facet counts. Let us take your custom design jewelry to the next level with our lapidary expertise.

  • The Singular Flow and Beauty of a Channel Set Bracelet

    Channel settings are a classic, clean look (like our recent custom designed channel set bracelet below), where the gems are placed in a channel and seamlessly linked together. This provides a flow (like a channel of water) and perfectly balanced symmetry to the bracelet. Grooves on both walls hold the gems securely in place.

    If there’s a channel set bracelet or ring that you have dancing around in your head, share it with us and we’ll turn it into a wearable reality.

    Check out our video below, where yellow sapphire and moissanite alternate and compliment in perfect form.

    Channel Set Yellow Sapphire and Moissanite Bracelet

  • How to Choose a Diamond – a Four-Minute GIA Diamond Grading Guide Video

    We love informed customers. Why? Because they make smart decisions that lead to long-term happiness with their custom design jewelry.

    This quick and informative video helps you choose a diamond, with the help of GIA (Gemological Institute of America), creator of the 4Cs of diamond quality.

    Whether you’re looking to buy loose diamonds, or how to buy a diamond ring, look to GIA for unbiased diamond quality evaluation. No matter how gorgeous a diamond may look or how beautifully it sparkles, you simply cannot see its true quality. The 4Cs of diamond quality will provide you with the information you need to know the diamond’s actual quality, so that you can make an informed purchase.

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