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  • “Camp” Jewelry and its Place in Fashion

    When I read about camp jewelry in the latest Town and Country, I harkened back to my childhood years, when my parents quietly celebrated my summer departure for several weeks each year. But we didn’t wear much jewelry at camp, except for a mood ring or maybe a necklace with my name dangling on it.

    After a little more reading, I came to understand camp jewelry to mean jewelry that was a little ostentatious, perfect for the upcoming Met Gala. Not quite tacky but instead fun and bold, meant to make a statement–but not one that is overly serious.

    According to Town and Country:

    “The idea of ‘Camp’ is to push boundaries,” says Siegelson, who has loaned Met Ball guests select pieces for the evening. “Susan Sontag said it was to ‘dethrone the serious.’ I read that as expecting fashion that is really fun, and nothing is more fun than the right jewelry. We have loaned out an interesting array of pieces, from brightly colored stone-set jewels that are pure accessories to what will likely be an exceptional ensemble to jewelry that is a strong and eye-catching statement on its own.”

    For the Met Gala this week, we can expect yellow gold, brightly colored gems  and more campy surprises from guests like Lady Gaga and Lauren Santo Domingo.

    We love the idea of jewelry for the sake of theatricality and fun. Campy jewelry doesn’t have to be tacky–its a celebration of all that is bright and bold in jewelry making.

    Aishwarya Rai wearing a Michael Cinco gown.

    Aishwarya Rai wearing a Michael Cinco gown.

  • Dutch Tech Company Creates 133-Facet All-Diamond Ring to Mark Its 10th Anniversary


    If you’ve ever dreamed of combining your blingiest engagement ring with your wedding band, it might look a little something like this:


    For custom designer, pieces like this make us so proud to be working with lab grown diamonds.

    An all-diamond ring from a 155-carat plate of lab-grown material


    Unromantically dubbed “Project D,” this amazing one-off ring was polished using laser cutting as well as traditional techniques. The final product showcases 133-facets and a total weight of 3.86 carats.

    More info on this stunner: 

    HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond grading, determined that the ring has a clarity grade of VVS2 and a color grade of E, with excellent symmetry and very good polish.

    “DD might be relatively new to cut diamonds for the jewelry market,” noted Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp, “but they have created an impressive ring for their 10th anniversary. The outstanding cutting and polish work has resulted in a brilliant light reflection which emphasizes the beauty of the ring.”

    “For our 10th anniversary we wanted to create something stunning that would highlight our innovative and high-tech techniques,” said Ton Janssen, CEO of Dutch Diamond Technologies. “I think we’ve more than succeeded with the one-off “Project D” ring. It’s a true ‘European’ ring: Grown in Germany, cut in the Netherlands and graded by HRD Antwerp in Belgium.”

    The quality and carat weight of CVD synthetic diamonds has increased drastically over the past 10 years. DD reported that the 155-carat plate from which “Project D” was carved took five weeks to grow in its laboratory.

    Synthetic diamonds have indeed come a long, long way. As early adopters, we’ve experienced this phenomenon first hand. If you’re looking for an anniversary band using beautiful, affordable and eco-friendly materials like synthetic diamonds, contact us.



  • Does Romantic “Chemistry” Really Exist?


    Ah, the elusive chemistry between two people. We swear it exists but can do little to verify its existence. Is it a feeling, a “vibe” or does is there an actual biological response at play, one we can’t control but simply…is?

    Perhaps a little bit of  both. The science behind attraction includes all of our senses, which help us determine whether someone is right for you.

    According to one article, all senses are at play when meeting someone we might fancy, but sight is particularly important (no surprise there):

    Men, for example, have 25% more neurons in their visual cortices, meaning they tend to place more emphasis on visual cues than women. That being said, both men and women are attracted to visual indications of health, such as clear skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair.

    But even our sense of smell helps us determine a love interest. Interestingly, women in particular can sniff out something called “histocompatibility complex molecules” which give us an idea of someone’s immune system. Which makes sense. We want to find someone we connect with, sure…but if you’re interested in a long-term connection that may include a family, health matters, right?

    Even hearing comes into play. Think of someone you might have been attracted to, but then he or she spoke and the spell was broken.

    But of course, nothing matters as much as that Big First Kiss. That’s where several senses work in tandem, including taste, smell and touch.

    A recent Gallup poll found that 59% of men and 66% of women had ended a new relationship due to a ho-hum first kiss.

    But science be damned: there still seems to be a certain magic that goes beyond our biology and indicates that bigger powers are at play when we meet. So use your senses, but be open to that sixth sense as well…science can’t measure that as easily ; )

  • . . . they did whatever it took to make my wife’s ring AWESOME.

    “Mr. Schubach helped me to design a ring for my wife. Every single person I spoke with was outstandingly helpful. There was a good bit of communication required in order to design the ring via correspondence, but no one ever seemed put out by the effort required. Mr. Schubach and his team are very pleasant, professional jewelers, and they did whatever it took to make my wife’s ring AWESOME. I couldn’t be happier with it, and neither could she. Everyone who sees it is very impressed with the design and workmanship. I would not choose a different jeweler if you paid me to!”

  • How do Fashion Trends Develop?


    Did you ever wonder what makes a certain jewelry or fashion choice “hot” only to find out next season, it’s “not” anymore? There’s some interesting science and history to trends that show how we work as a social unit:

    Since the 14th century, according to Bustle:

    Fashion trends were basically designed to show how much extra money and leisure time you had — and to emulate the people at the very top of society, usually the royal court. A person who could discard an entire costume for something else after only a few weeks — or days — clearly had both funds and hours to burn. And, obviously, the royal family and their celebrities were the celebs of the day, so ordinary people followed suit. It’s what’s called the “trickle-down” theory of fashion trends: that people wanted to look wealthier, cooler, and more powerful than they actually were.

    Hmmm…that’s kind of depressing! One would like to believe trends are born out of a need for change and creative expression that represent our changing times, not “let’s where what the Queen’s wearing.”

    Perhaps the answer lies between the two worlds. Sure, there’s a “follower mentality” when it comes to trends but just as likely, there are born innovators who see trends as an opportunity to express and incite change.

    What’s your “trend”? Is there a particular style or fashion choice that seems distinctly you–one you don’t see others wearing? What innovative choices can you make with your look today?

    Dare to Wear Differently! 

  • How to Sparkle when Public Speaking (It IS possible.)


    We talk a lot about sparkle on this blog. And not just the sparkle of a diamond or other beautiful gem. But that inner sparkle that radiates when we’re feeling peaceful, happy and loved. That’s the kind of sparkle that can’t be manufactured and will always shiny brighter than a pretty bauble.

    But how do you sparkle when giving a speech? Is it even possible, especially when you’re feeling insanely tense and nervous? Sure. Here are a few public speaking pointers to remember:

    Eye contact. When giving a speech, almost nothing carries weight like the direction of your eyes. When you dare to look at others, it’s an invitation for them to look back at you. Avoid fixing on a spot at the back of the room (a common speech giving suggestion) and make eye contact instead.

    Smile with your face. Think of your face mere seconds before you’re about to break into laughter. It relaxes and pulls back into this semi-smile that’s proven to help you (and others around you) relax. Of course, a full smile suffices as well. People read body signals quickly: a smile says you’re open, receptive and fun.

    Energize your voice. Most of us don’t think of our voice as something that needs warmed up, just like a muscle. Before you’re about to speak publicly, hum a favorite tune. Hum it hard enough to make your lips buzz. Then fake a few yawns to open the back of your voice. These simple steps bring your voice forward and make you sound more authoritative.

    Public speaking is on very few people’s bucket list of favorite things to do. But most of us encounter it at some point or another. Think of it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

    Release your inner sparkle. The world is waiting! 

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