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  • Elysium Solid Black Diamond Wedding Bands Now Available!

    Schubach elysium 1b



    The Dark Side of Luxury


    Proprietary technology now creates a multi-crystal black diamond matrix that resists scratching, lasts forever and maintains an artisan sheen that never fades.


    Step into the darkness of infinite perfection.


    There is nothing else like Elysium BLACK Diamond in the world. It is more enduring than titanium, harder than tungsten and its timeless luster and beauty will outlast silver, gold and platinum. Elysium offers the first successful diamond jewelry rendered in black. It will quite simply outlast and outperform every other substance in its class. Traditional materials scratch and mar easily and struggle to hold up in any working environment – even in the mildest of conditions.


    Diamond in Black is forever!


    As hard as diamond because it is diamond.


    The BLACK collection is the result of decades of science, technology and art – driven to perfection by a relentless quest for the ultimate black diamond. Timeless and dark as the depths of the earth that forge diamond, Elysium BLACK jewelry brings drama and desire together.

    Elysium Collection Solid Diamond Ring With Custom Dome Design And A Matte Finish. Click image to view item

    Elysium Flat Solid Diamond Ring With A Matte Finish And Bevel Edge Design.  Click image to view item


    Elysium Collection Solid Diamond Ring With Custom Dome Design And A Polished Finish. Click image to view item

    Elysium Flat Solid Diamond Ring With Beveled Edge Design And A Polish Finish. Click image to view ite


    Elysium Matte Finish Solid Diamond Ring With Beveled Edges And Flush-Set Blue Diamond. Click image to view item

    Elysium Collection Solid Diamond Ring With Celtic Knot Pattern And Polished Finish. Click image to view item

    Schubach elysium 2

    Schubach elysium 3




    Thanks to Jeff Walters Jewellers in Ontario for this video!

  • Men’s Jewelry – Start with your Wrist

    Men often cringe when they think of wearing jewelry even though we’re seeing more and more men don fashionable jewelry without compromising any of their manliness (thanks Johnny Depp).

    In this video, award winning jeweler Philip Crangi  goes on to explain that most men are perfectly comfortable wearing their watch or wedding ring (both are jewelry, right?) and encourages taking that next step.

  • Accessorize like a Bad Boy

    Men can sport some smart and sexy accessories without compromising their sexuality, right?

    This funny video shows a “good guy” trying to be a “bad boy” with helpful advice like “get rid of your toe ring.” (Yes, we agree–please do!)

    Hope you enjoy!


  • Jewelry Pairing for Men

    Oh yes, we’ve talked about matching jewelry to women for a long time now. Whether its body or face type or the color of your face, we’ve paired you with just the right piece.

    But men? Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re a little behind in our advisory duties.

    With Father’s Day on the horizon (June 21st), let’s make up for lost time, shall we?




  • “Men’s Jewelry that Women Want to Steal”

    Men’s jewelry has seen an incredible renaissance over the last decade. More creative risks are being taken in design and the stigma of men wearing jewelry is slowing becoming a thing of the past. With gay marriages on the rise, more couples are venturing into new and uncharted areas in the custom design realm. This recent NY Times article highlights emerging designers and “men’s jewelry that women want to steal”:

    There are no jewelry-specific studies but, according to Euromonitor, the global men’s wear market grew 4.5 percent last year, outpacing women’s at 3.7. And the research company predicts men’s wear sales will grow another $40 billion, to $480 billion, by 2019.

    Stores are extending their men’s offerings accordingly, and that includes jewelry. Mr Porter, the male counterpart of the Net-a-Porter online store, has offered jewelry for several years, initially selling entry price point pieces from fashion houses including Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta. It has since expanded the category, in response to customer demand, to include fine jewelry from independent designers.

    The engagement ring that the London jeweler Hannah Martin created for Tom Fitzgerald to give to his boyfriend Jamie Holloway in March. The signet-style ring has an octagonal-cut sapphire surrounded by emeralds in white gold.


  • Palladium Wedding Band with Black Stripe

    Palladium is quickly becoming my favorite metal for guy’s wedding bands. The slightly gray color, and the fact that palladium acts a lot like platinum – but without the platinum price  – makes for a great, masculine ring! The black strip is pretty cool as well as the comfort fit.

  • Guy Gifts for the Holidays

    Most men don’t think of jewelry – until they own it. Then they wear it with pride, every day, for years to come. This holiday, surprise your guy with a well-made, fashionable piece of jewelry. Here are a few of our more popular men’s pieces. But check out our wider selection here.

    $225 and Only Six Left!! Collection "One" Gent's notched wedding band in 14kt yellow gold, ring size 9.5 (These items already discounted, additional promotions do not apply)


    Gent's Comfort Fit Wedding Band, 14kt White Gold

    Gent's Two Tone Five Stone Moissanite Wedding Band with Charles and Colvard created round moissanite.

    Gent's diagonal band with a satin and high polished finish set with a 1/4ct (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite.

    Gent's bracelet with 1 1/5ct t.w. (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite stones. Available in 14kt white gold only.


    Custom gold cufflinks

  • How Men can Wear Jewelry….Tastefully!

    Oh no…don’t look away! We all know that even men can overboard on the bling! Mr. T proved this in spades, but what is too much when it comes to men’s jewelry? And what are some “must have” pieces for men? This article explains that, with just the right touches, you can look elegant and polished…without hurting the eyes!

    mr. t is unemployed

    Okay, so maybe some guys built their reputations with the amount of gold wrapped around their necks. Heck, there’s even one rapper with flavor that became famous because he wore a huge clock around his neck. But the A-Team stopped production and Public Enemy isn’t number 1 anymore.

    Although it is amusing to see the dude with the Mohawk strut his stuff with 75 pounds of jewelry draped all over his body, no one in the real world would be taken by such a fashion statement, or lack thereof.

    When it comes to guys and jewelry, minimalism is key. Believe it or not, it is possible to portray an image of class and sophistication. And if you want the ladies to think you’re made of money, that’s possible too.

    is that a gucci?

    Of course, every guy has to own a watch — and I’m not referring to some contraption that has Mickey Mouse’s hands moving around the dial. Rather, every man should own a few watches, one of which is expensive, classy and timeless (ha, the irony).

    Leave your Nike watch at home on those days when you’re trying to make an impression. There are plenty of watches that turn heads and from my Hugo Boss watch alone, I’ve been the target of many a woman’s interest.

    Of course, that’s not to say that your watch will do all the talking for you, but rather, a beautiful timepiece can pique the interest of the honeys who know their brand names. And there’s no harm in that, at least not until they start asking for brand-name items of their own.

    what else should guys wear?

    Besides the typical watch, what other jewelry is acceptable or unacceptable for guys? Well, I’m glad you asked so that we can clear this up once and for all.

    Unless your name is Fat Tony, I don’t recommend that you wear all kinds of 14K gold, diamond encrusted pinky rings.
    Acceptable: A wedding band or a simple ring (read: no frills) is acceptable so long as it’s one ring per ten fingers.


    Wearing a chain around your wrist isn’t the end of the world, so long as it doesn’t clash with the watch you’ve got on.
    Acceptable: Wear a strong, sturdy chain (thick enough to suit your wrist); those are typical of men’s dress and look best on a man’s wrist.

    Necklaces that have the ability to give you a sore neck or that possess some tacky pendant of a Play..boy bunny or that say “#1 Lover” should be chucked right this minute. Well, go on, I’m waiting…
    Acceptable: Again, simplicity is key. So a thin necklace with a small pendant (cross, star of David, zodiac sign, etc.) or no pendant at all can go a long way. Even a beaded necklace can look great with the right outfit.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this just yet, but earrings for men went out of style in the mid-’90s.
    Unacceptable: If you’re wearing earrings, then you’ll probably disagree with my assessment about earrings, but believe me, everyone who sees you with metal in your earlobes thinks you’re tawdry.

    Body piercings
    Bellybutton, tongue, eyebrows, chin, nose… I strongly disapprove of most of these. If you have model appeal, then maybe you can pass with an eyebrow ring.
    Unacceptable: Under no circumstances should guys have a piece of jewelry stabbed through their navels; leave that for the ladies. And that goes for the tongue and nose rings too.

    go alongs are no-nos

    You still have to keep a few things in mind when you sport jewelry. If you’re wearing a ring, that’s fine, but for God’s sake, don’t let your pinky nail grow. In fact, keep all your nails trim and dirt-free.

    If you’re wearing a necklace, don’t unbutton your shirt down to your chest and have the necklace hanging between your nipples. All necklaces should hang just past your collarbone.

    Ultimately, it’s up to you to wear jewelry whichever way you see fit. What looks good through your eyes, however, may not seem so through mine. To each his own, but the next time you see some babe laughing in your direction, it’s quite possible that it won’t be because she’s impressed by the silver bunny hanging from your neck and caught in your chest hair…

    Source: Ask Men

    Gent's Comfort Fit Wedding Band, 14kt White Gold Men's 14kt white gold comfort fit wedding band, diagonal design, 6mm wide. Metal: 14kt White Gold

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