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  • How to Identify Eras of Jewelry

    In general, there are six eras of antique jewelry. Each era has identifiable aspects that help define it and the culture that surrounded it. And as this video points out, each is more gorgeous than the last.

  • Focus on the Wedding Band

    The engagement ring is the star of the show. She grabs the spotlight, the accolades and the ooh’s and ah’s when she’s in the room.

    But what about the wedding band? Her beauty is subtle, quieter. She’s in it for the long run, dependable and elegant. She doesn’t need the excessive adoration. She expresses herself in quieter terms, yet remains equally powerful in her resolute love.

    The ever-lasting bond of marriage is perfectly symbolized in the eternal circle of your choice of wedding bands. The custom of engagement rings arose as early as the Ancient Egyptian period.

    And as many know, engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because the Ancient Egyptians believed it contained a vein which led to the heart.

    So take a moment to revel in the beauty and history of the wedding band. Give her the due she deserves.

    Design your own fantastic wedding band or let us help you choose one of our popular settings. Choose from a variety of metals including titanium, tungsten carbide, white tungsten carbide, 14k gold, platinum, palladium and white gold.

    Ten stone wedding band with 2 1/2ct t.w. prong set round brilliant stones.

    Ten stone wedding band with 2 1/2ct t.w. prong set round brilliant stones.

  • Dare to take up some space on your ring finger!

    Stacking rings has been trending for quite some time now. But what we’re seeing that’s equally fun–one ring that occupies more space on the finger and gives the illusion of stacking.

    Often engagement rings are small, delicate. Sure, they may have a powerhouse gem (or if you’re lucky, many) but ultimately, most of the finger real estate is left wide open, right?

    The beauty of a cluster band like the one below? Colored gemstones can work equally well when creating a cluster band (as opposed to simply diamonds).

    Take a look at this recent custommade rings of ours. Considered a cluster band, the many rows and stones create a visual showstopper. Sure, it’s a lot of ring–but for some bling lovers, this is the perfect fit!


  • How versatile is your jewelry?

    I own a pair of gold hoop earrings I’ve come to realize go well with just about every outfit I own. From a black tie event (where I paired them with a simple yellow dress) to jeans and a crisp white t-shirt (which I paired with a beer and a vegan hot dog at a recent BBQ). Once I realized those golden hoops go with just about anything, it took the guesswork out of many fashion choices.

    But what makes jewelry versatile? Well, the answer is both personal and practical. Practically, a versatile piece of jewelry tends to be simple (like my hoops). Simple jewelry tends to match nicely with just about any outfit (whereas louder jewelry often needs a little more finessing).

    From a personal standpoint, versatile jewelry should be a beloved item. Why? Because if you’re getting really dressed up, that jewelry is grounding. You know it, trust it. Its like a fashion friend. It dependably looks good on you. You know what to expect from it.

    Below, a solid example of versatile jewelry: the eternally fashionable stud earrings:



  • What jewelry to pair with your favorite sheath dress

    First, let’s define a sheath dress: a sheath dress is generally a form fitting, streamlined dress that hits at or above the knee. (This is different than a shift dress, which hangs from the shoulders, providing more room through the bust, waist and hips.)

    But what jewelry pairs nicely with your favorite sheath dress? This video provides some fashionably wise advice!

  • Hoop Earrings throughout History

    We love hoop earrings! Who doesn’t really? They look amazing on just about anyone. And they have a storied history dating all the way back to the ancient Sumerians from modern-day Iraq in 2600 B.C.

    And variations of the hoop earrings have been adopted by a wide array of cultures around the world from the Hmong women of Vietnam to the Gadaba tribe of India.

    This video highlights the hoop’s history. Have fun!

  • Round versus clawed prongs – which is less likely to snag?

    The devil is in the detail. Nowhere is this more true than creating a custom made engagement ring where every aspect is examined. The choice of prongs for your engagement ring is no different.

    First let’s establish one point: the choice of your prongs is a personal preference. There is no right or wrong direction, just a visual determination as to how the prongs enhance the overall look of the ring and (equally important, of course) keep your gem safe.

    For some, claw prongs are considered less obvious than rounded prongs. They occupy the least amount of surface area so many believe the gem is visually highlighted more successfully. Claw prongs tend to work best on oval, round, radiant and emerald cut diamonds. This choice might be also be a good one for step cuts and cushions.

    For others, round claws can be equally visually appealing (some say a “softer” appearance) and provide a critical benefit: they don’t snag as easily. If your lifestyle is such where this may be a consideration, we suggest either finding an older ring or buying a cheap ring with claws. Wear it for a week and go about your life. Did the claws interfere in your activities in any way? If so, round claws might be the way to go.

    Still confused? Ask one of our team members. We specialize in creating pieces that work ideally for you and your lifestyle!


  • 12 Items that Men Wear (that Women LOVE)

    According to this video: a nice fitting suit is like “lingerie for women.” Wait a second…that’s kind of right!

    This video from menswear specialist Ashley Weston details items that women just love their men (or men at large) to wear. (Jewelry gets mentioned a little late in the video, including the oft-overlooked tiebar.)

    According to Ashley Weston:

    “I polled all my female friends and came up with an actual list of 12 things men wear that women love – by women. ”

  • The most popular length for a necklace chain

    When you have a beautiful pendant custom designed, you want a sturdy, dependable and attractive/complimentary chain to go with it.

    Some people don’t give much mind to the chain they choose but we kindly suggest spending time with this critical decision. Not only does it secure your custommade pendant but it also enhances its beauty ideally.

    As for length 18″ is a smart choice. It’s not too short (like a 16″ choker length, which can be a little snug for some). It’s the perfect length to be visible as well (whereas longer chains can fall too low).

    Wheat chains and box chains are the perfect kind of chains for pendants. They’re super durable and can hold the weight of the item hanging.

    If you’re trying to avoid the dreaded “kinkage” of some chains, don’t get herring bone chains which are more prone to locking awkwardly. Another chain prone to kinks? The snake chain.

    Need some input on the perfect chain for your pendant or chain? Simply contact us. We can get you hanging right!

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