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  • The Look (and Feel) of Spring Jewelry


    Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. – Rainier Maria Rilke

    When I saw this colorful spindel pendant on JCK, it got me thinking of Spring. Then (more importantly, for the sake of this blog post): Spring jewelry. To me, Spring jewelry should be colorful or designed in a manner that elicits feelings of Spring (a floral or leaf design for example).

    Most people don’t think in terms of colorful jewelry, but nothing catches the eye like it. (Imagine someone wearing the necklace above against the backdrop of a black shirt, for example. It would “pop” visually, right?) Colorful jewelry is also a natural spirit lifter (though we’ve done no scientific studies!).

    So what’s on tap for your Spring jewelry this season? Here’s a list of colorful gems to spark your imagination. Then contact us and let us create a piece to welcome in many Springs to come!


    About the pendant above:

    Designed by Susan Wheeler, necklace is 18k yellow gold with Vietnamese spinel, Brazilian tourmaline crystal, and fair-trade Malawi padparadscha sapphires.

  • How to find out her ring size (without her knowing)


    There are many techniques to find out your love’s ring size without her knowing. Of course, that’s if you’re planning on a surprise engagement. Many couples are embracing the practicality of making engagement decisions together, including choosing the ring.

    But let us not rain on the parade of a surprise engagement! Our friends at Brilliant Earth have several tried and true methods that don’t let the cat out of the bag!

    We especially like the following suggestions:


    Another method is to snag one of her old rings for a day. You need to be careful with this method because it might backfire on you! Make sure that you grab a ring that she wears on a similarly sized finger, the ring finger of her right hand being the optimal choice (unless, of course, she wears a ring on her left ring finger, which is less likely). Even if you bring in a thumb ring we can usually come up with a close approximation of what size her ring finger will be. If you choose this option, make sure that you choose a ring that isn’t overly important to her and wouldn’t cause any emotional distress if she notices it missing!


    If one of your partner’s friends is engaged, ask her friend to let your girlfriend try on the ring. This will put you in a ballpark size range to start out with. You can also use this as an opportunity to ask what she thought of her friend’s ring (in private) and try to do a little sleuthing as to what style of ring she would like for herself.

    Whatever technique you employ, take some time to get it right. A well-fitted engagement ring says almost as much about your choice as the ring itself.

  • Wearing Crystal Jewelry to Raise your Spirits

    We know firsthand the power of gems. Each and every gem possesses its own strengths and wonders and after years of working intimately with them, we’ve come to respect them all.

    According to New Age experts, “Wearing gemstone bracelets allows the gems to make constant contact with your skin, infusing your aura and energy field with the vibration of each stone all the time.”

    If you’re looking for a “power piece” of jewelry, tell us what kind of gem or crystal speaks to you and how you’d like it transformed into magical and fashionable talisman.

    Crystals possess their own special powers. Here are some practical crystal wearing tips, according to Sage Goddess:

    • Change your crystals each day, if you feel called to do so.
    • Choose the stones you wear based on your intention for the day.
    • Perhaps you will intuitively select yours without consciously knowing why, and often later in the day, you will have an “aha” moment about why your intuition told you to wear that fluorite pendant or garnet bracelet.
    • Align your accessories with the current work you are doing, or the areas in which you feel you need assistance.


  • What exactly is a “Euro Shank”?

    More formally known as a European Shank, the Euro shank is positioned at the bottom portion of the ring. It features a flattened bottom section (unlike the traditional round ring shank).

    What are the benefits of a Euro Shank?

    One key benefit of this design is that it reduces the range the ring will pivot or spin on the finger. This means a more secure feeling while wearing the ring. You’ll often see Euro shanks on more contemporary ring designs, so it adds a certain stylish element to a more modern looking ring. But mainly, it serves a practical purpose: to keep the ring securely in place. This is an important feature for those who have wider knuckles than base of the finger.

  • Traveling with your Jewelry (No Tangles Guaranteed)

    We get a lot of questions about the best way to travel with jewelry. Interestingly, some of the best pointers are found on YouTube. There are so many travelling fashionistas who are pretty serious about keeping their jewelry in tact and safe when hitting the road. It’s often these homemade videos that contains real “gems” of wisdom, like the one below.

  • How to Photograph your Jewelry the RIGHT Way

    We’re so excited about the jewelry images our clients around the world send us. Whether they capture the happiness of a young couple or the dazzle of a new engagement ring in the sunlight, they all make their own unique statement.

    What’s even more interesting? We’ve seen the quality of these images improve over the years. Perhaps it’s because of social media (more people are shooting better pictures with their mobile devices) or our tips on how to shoot jewelry have actually helped.

    Here’s yet another quick and easy video that provides pointers to improve your jewelry shots…oh, and keep ’em coming!!!

  • What Traits Makes Jewelry “Antique”?

    You’ll often hear the term “vintage” or “antique” when it comes to jewelry. But what exactly do those terms mean? What defines a vintage style or an antique look?

    Technically, an antique engagement ring is over 50 years old (which means anything pre-early 1960’s–that doesn’t seem particularly old, does it?).

    A vintage engagement ring generally means a new ring that’s styled to look like a ring from an older era (like the Victorian or Art Deco period, for example). Even the term “antique” can be used to describe a newer ring with an older influence.

    In the example below, you’ll note the cushion cut to the gem–that is an older type of cut that’s gained a lot of popularity in the last decade.

  • Choosing the Right Metal for your Ring – The Subtleties of Shade

    When we posted this image from Corey Egan‘s site on Instagram, people went wild over it.



    And we did too. There is absolutely nothing like a side-by-side comparison when it comes to choosing metal for your custom design jewelry.

    Why? In a word: subtlety.

    Shades can vary by very small amounts and when it comes to something as important as the look of your ring, those subtle variations count. One shade too dark or too light might not highlight the stone as much as another. Or not match your skin tone the way you’d like.

    Here are some other close-up examples, thanks again to Corey Egan:



    14k+Palladium+White+Gold+vsRhodium-14KnickelWhite-14kPDW-18kPDW (1)

    So as you can see, choosing metal for your engagement ring takes some serious homework. On top of the metal shade, each metal possesses properties that may or may not be right for you, your lifestyle and your budget. We’re happy to walk you through the process and find a metal that’s just right for you.

  • What is “Fire” in a Diamond?

    Undoubtedly if you’ve done any diamond shopping, you’ve encountered the term “fire” when it comes to the visuals of a sparkling diamond. But what is it exactly? And what’s the difference between fire and brilliance?

    Well simply put, “fire” is the colored sparkle seen when a gemstone is exposed to light. (Diamond fire may also be called “dispersion.”)

    Brilliance, on the other hand, is the colorless light that is emitted from the gemstone.

    The cut is critical when it comes to both brilliance and fire. If  there are “ideal proportions”, the gemstone will bend and reflect light so the fire and brilliance are maximized and spectacular to behold.

    Check out the video below for a great example of fire and brilliance.

  • How to Make an Outfit look More Expensive

    Okay, the answer is jewelry! We couldn’t keep it in. But it’s no surprise to you, is it? Jewelry is afterall the icing on the cake and the cherry on top to any style!

    This quick and easy video provides some basic advice on how to jazz up the simplest of outfits (actually, it’s the simpler outfits that are most effectively dressed up).

    Hint: don’t be afraid to go big!

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