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Jewelry Education and Advice

  • What is a faceted gem?


    Before investing in a custom engagement ring, we encourage all of our customers to truly understand the terminology first. This provides a more informed decision…and a happier customer.

    So what is a facet? 

    Facets are flat planes seen on most transparent gemstones. These geometrical arrangements contribute to the reflection of light both internally and externally, maximizing the fire and brilliance of the stone.

    Interestingly, gem faceting is a fairly new process. Simple facets first appeared in European jewelry in the late 13th and early 14th century. Prior to that, gemstones were used as cabochons (or “cab” for short). Cabs are stones that are highly polished, generally rounded (or convex on the top) with a flat base.

    Tip: When examining a faceted gem, take some time to look at the junctions (the meeting point of two facets). A well-cut stone will exhibit junctions that are clean, crisp and come together at a single point. These junctions can affect the gem’s overall brilliance.




  • Best Earrings for Various Face Shapes

    Most women don’t consider the shape of their face when they choose earrings. And this is to their detriment! Earrings can lengthen the overall look of a face (not good for longer faces) or widen (definitely not good for round faces).

    Here’s a quick tutorial we found on YouTube that details how you can choose the right earrings for your face shape/


  • How to prevent ear piercing infections

    Ear piercings. For most women, we remember that time-honored experience. Sure, it hurt a bit. But what often hurt more? The infection that many of us had afterwards. Ouch. 

    Here are simple pointers so your next ear piercing heals quickly and completely.

  • Thrift Store Jewelry Scores

    One piece of advice we often give to our customers and customers-to-be: if you’re unsure about a certain type of jewelry, try its costume jewelry equivalent first. The investment is minimal and it can give you a sense of whether you’d like the piece on a daily basis as well as the variety of outfits that will go with it.

    Where better than to find costume jewelry scores? Thrift stores of course! Help your community and try out fun, inexpensive jewelry.

    This woman shares her recent finds.

  • How to Identify the BEST Vintage Jewelry

    I love hitting second hand stores and thrift shops for costume jewelry. And every once in a while, I think to self, “Wow. This looks expensive. I bet its a score.” Well, unfortunately, much of the time I’m wrong.

    So I found this tutorial to help me identify the good from the bad (and the just plain worthless).

  • Breaking out of your Jewelry Rut

    If you’re like me, you have a jewelry box packed with goodies…but you tend to where the same items every day. In my case, its gold hoop earrings (two sizes: one smaller pair and the other my oversized “disco” pair for dressing up and going out).

    But what about all of the other beauties in my jewelry box? What about new pieces I wouldn’t dare to wear except for that “one occasion”?

    With Spring on its way, I decided it was time to break the chains!

    First, I cleaned out my jewelry box. I donated several items that had seen its day (goodbye mood ring) and arranged the items neatly in the box. This way, the appearance of my collection became more inviting and less…well, messy.

    Second, I decided within one week I would wear one of those “only for the special occasions” pieces. I chose a statement necklace with layers of brightly colored baubles on it. That special occasion? Going shopping with my friends. The takeaway? Don’t wait for that special occasion: today is that special occasion.

    Third, I added to the collection with a spring item. (Nothing breaks the rut like buying something new, right?) My green and yellow hoop earrings are a fun and bold replacement for my traditional hoops. They also help me usher in a new season with a more updated look.

    So there you go: simple steps to break out of your jewelry wearing rut. All it requires is a little spring cleaning, risk-taking and chain breaking.


  • How to Identify Eras of Jewelry

    In general, there are six eras of antique jewelry. Each era has identifiable aspects that help define it and the culture that surrounded it. And as this video points out, each is more gorgeous than the last.

  • Focus on the Wedding Band

    The engagement ring is the star of the show. She grabs the spotlight, the accolades and the ooh’s and ah’s when she’s in the room.

    But what about the wedding band? Her beauty is subtle, quieter. She’s in it for the long run, dependable and elegant. She doesn’t need the excessive adoration. She expresses herself in quieter terms, yet remains equally powerful in her resolute love.

    The ever-lasting bond of marriage is perfectly symbolized in the eternal circle of your choice of wedding bands. The custom of engagement rings arose as early as the Ancient Egyptian period.

    And as many know, engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because the Ancient Egyptians believed it contained a vein which led to the heart.

    So take a moment to revel in the beauty and history of the wedding band. Give her the due she deserves.

    Design your own fantastic wedding band or let us help you choose one of our popular settings. Choose from a variety of metals including titanium, tungsten carbide, white tungsten carbide, 14k gold, platinum, palladium and white gold.

    Ten stone wedding band with 2 1/2ct t.w. prong set round brilliant stones.

    Ten stone wedding band with 2 1/2ct t.w. prong set round brilliant stones.

  • Dare to take up some space on your ring finger!

    Stacking rings has been trending for quite some time now. But what we’re seeing that’s equally fun–one ring that occupies more space on the finger and gives the illusion of stacking.

    Often engagement rings are small, delicate. Sure, they may have a powerhouse gem (or if you’re lucky, many) but ultimately, most of the finger real estate is left wide open, right?

    The beauty of a cluster band like the one below? Colored gemstones can work equally well when creating a cluster band (as opposed to simply diamonds).

    Take a look at this recent custommade rings of ours. Considered a cluster band, the many rows and stones create a visual showstopper. Sure, it’s a lot of ring–but for some bling lovers, this is the perfect fit!


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