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  • J.F. & K. Custom Tulip/Leaf Engagement Ring

  • Natural Yellow Princess Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Our custom designs are a collaborative process with the customer input guiding the way. This design is a distinctive, opulent ring with 5.85ct Natural Yellow Princess Cut Sapphire as the masterful centerpiece.

    If you’re looking for a custom design piece like this, let’s talk. We’ve been bringing jewelry dreams to life for over 100 years, specializing in high end custom design that truly matches the heart and soul of the wearer.

  • Custom Design Leaf Engagement Ring

    We’re super pleased about this recent custom design engagement ring. Yellow gold married with an intricate leaf design and a simply dazzling center stone. If this ring interests you, reach out to us so we can create a piece that suits your needs.

    What’s the Custom Design Process Like?


    Having a piece of jewelry custom made is a lot of fun and our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you envision. I’m involved with every part of the custom design process, from the initial idea to the design to the final stunning piece, making sure that every detail is in place.

    From engagement rings to wedding bands to necklaces to earrings, we’ve custommade them all with precision and care.

    You can take an idea from designer brands, antique or vintage pieces or a design on Pinterest and build upon it, making an inspired piece that’s uniquely you.

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  • Trending in Custom Design – Stainless Steel Jewelry

    On the heels of finishing yet another stainless steel custom design ring, we must say: we’re impressed with the dazzling end result. The metal is white in appearance which adds a level of urban appeal and vividness.

    Stainless steel in custom design offers several other benefits:


    Affordability. This modest metal is more affordable than gold or silver yet ultra durable.

    Easy maintenance. Stainless steel is a hardy metal and doesn’t require careful attention, like gold or silver. It also outperforms gold or silver when it comes to durability. It’s a powerful alloy that can withstand serious wear and tear. This ultimately means a bigger return of investment.

    Allergy-free. More people are becoming aware of metal allergies. Luckily stainless steel is hypoallergenic and extremely safe to wear.

    According to WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), this modest metal is gaining popularity through “industrial beauty” and “post-nature” designs.


  • Oval Halo Engagement Ring – Extra Sparkle Included!

    What is a Halo Ring?




    The beloved halo ring indicates a type of setting where a center gemstone (moissanite, lab-grown, naturally mined diamonds, etc.) is encircled by round pavé or micro-pavé gems (or faceted color gemstones).

    A center gemstone tends to look larger in a halo setting, sometimes as much as half a carat larger. This makes a halo ring a good choice for someone who wants to visually boost that center stone.

    Famous celebrity halo engagement rings include: Kate Middleton (Lady Di’s ring), Kate Holmes and Leann Rimes.

    The halo ring pictured is a custom design ring for a recent client. She had an idea of what she wanted and we worked with her until it was a perfect fit.

    Get Your Dream Ring!


    If you can dream it, we can design it. Send us your idea, whether its an image you found online or a picture floating around in your mind.

    Looking for a blingy ring but don’t want to break the bank? Think again! Whatever your budget, we can suggest eco-friendly, affordable metals and gems to bring your dream ring to life.

    We specialize in custom design that goes that extra mile, ensuring that every detail is just right. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you along the way.

    Your love is one-of-a-kind. Shouldn’t your engagement ring be too? 



  • Moissanite in “Lucky” Light Green

    Is green really lucky?


    Well, it can be. If you believe! And if you do believe, wearing it must be generate even more luck. There’s something about the tactile contact of a lucky charm that radiates its goodness into your very being.

    Since time immemorial, green has symbolized growth, rebirth and fertility.  In pagan days, there was a Green Man who symbolized fertility (a Tooth Fairy for pregnancy?).

    In Ireland (as well as several Muslim countries), it has long symbolized luck. Many believe that wearing jewelry in the shape of a 4 leaf clover or shamrock is lucky (as in a lucky charm).

    Of course, green can means all sorts of other things.


    Green with envy

    Green around the gills

    Green behind the ears

    My Light Green Moissanite Ring Looks Amazing

    For us, green means an an amazing colored gem, like in the example below. Whoever got this beautiful custom design piece is certainly a lucky gal.


  • Salt & Pepper Diamonds – The Hot (and Ethical) Engagement Ring Trend for 2019


    Once considered a fringe choice for gems, salt and pepper diamonds are taking the fashion world by storm, with brides-to-be purchasing engagement rings highlighting these special “in the rough” gems as quickly as we can custom design them.


    What Exactly Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?


    A flawless diamond is considered the most desirable diamond…but salt and pepper diamonds work differently: the flaws of salt and pepper diamonds are what provides the beauty and sweet, earthy sparkle.

    The inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds come in different colors, sizes and shapes. “Salt” means the white inclusions while “pepper” indicates the black inclusions. The combo of white and black inclusions gives it that salt and pepper look.

    Shopping for salt and pepper diamonds is also a completely different process than when shopping for flawless diamonds. The 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat) simply don’t apply here. These gems are raw and rough. There’s no striving for perfection but an embracing of its simple and raw quality.


    With salt and pepper diamonds, the inclusions make the beauty!


    The gems have a simple yet wild feel to them, perfect for a woman who creates her own rules and embraces both her light and dark sides. She takes risks and feels passionately, without abandon. She’s attune with the natural world; she’s a force of nature herself. Her engagement ring with salt and pepper diamonds represents these varied and untamed sides.





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