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Statement Earrings Poised to Get Even BIGGER for 2019

If there has been one jewelry trend that I keep writing about, year after year, it’s the statement earring. And just when I thought they couldn’t make any more statements, I read today that they’re about to get even bigger!

How will earlobes handle it, I wonder? Will we need ear reinforcements designed to withstand all this fashionable weight? (Truth be told, the last time I wore really big earrings, I was surprised how light they were to wear. Maybe designers feel our pain.)

According to Bazaar, the Fall 2019 collections highlight large, LARGE earrings, chockfull of colorful crystals, tribal beads and angular shapes. Mismatched earrings are still up and down the runway (so make sure you keep those single earrings of yours). And last but not least, long, dangly earrings that often make it as far as your shoulder.

Looking for your own statement earrings? We’ve made many custom design statement earrings over the years. Check out the Fall trends for 2019, send us your inspiring images and lets make a statement out of you this season! 

Peace Earrings, Peace symbol measures 7mm, entire piece is 53mm tall.

Peace Earrings, Peace symbol measures 7mm, entire piece is 53mm tall.

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