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What is Pavé? (Engagement Ring Tips)


An absolutely stunning custom made cushion and pave diamond setting with 2 ctw of micropave diamonds, set in platinum.


You’ve heard the term before but maybe you’re not sure exactly what it is. Well, let’s get the pronunciation out of the way. It’s pronounced “pa-vey” and its a French word that means “paved.”


So what is pavé?


Pavé (or pave) is a type of setting that consists of many small gemstones attached to an engagement ring (or other types of jewelry) by small droplets of metal. The end result gives the setting a look of being paved with diamonds (or another gemstone of choice).


What are the benefits of a pave setting for your engagement ring?


Well, cost would be one reason to go with a pave setting. Because the individual stones are smaller, they’re more affordable. Yet you’re not sacrificing sparkle, since a pave setting provides a ton of that.

Another benefit of pave setting is surprisingly easy care. The small gems are held together quite tightly by tiny prongs and are generally secure over the course of time.

Above is a great example of a pave setting. It’s a custom made cushion and pave diamond setting with 2 ctw of micropave diamonds, set in platinum.

Considering a custom design engagement ring with a pave setting? Give us a call or send us an email and we can talk in more detail. We create amazing rings with pave settings all the time and we’d love to bring you closer to your dream ring.

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