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How versatile is your jewelry?

I own a pair of gold hoop earrings I’ve come to realize go well with just about every outfit I own. From a black tie event (where I paired them with a simple yellow dress) to jeans and a crisp white t-shirt (which I paired with a beer and a vegan hot dog at a recent BBQ). Once I realized those golden hoops go with just about anything, it took the guesswork out of many fashion choices.

But what makes jewelry versatile? Well, the answer is both personal and practical. Practically, a versatile piece of jewelry tends to be simple (like my hoops). Simple jewelry tends to match nicely with just about any outfit (whereas louder jewelry often needs a little more finessing).

From a personal standpoint, versatile jewelry should be a beloved item. Why? Because if you’re getting really dressed up, that jewelry is grounding. You know it, trust it. Its like a fashion friend. It dependably looks good on you. You know what to expect from it.

Below, a solid example of versatile jewelry: the eternally fashionable stud earrings:



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