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Jewelry at the Oscars, 2018


An interesting night at the Oscars, indeed. Considered more “fun-filled” than those in the past, the evening kept a leisurely pace while interjecting fun gags including a hot dog launcher (and avoiding topics like those who go by the initials D.T.).

The night was needlessly long, according to several critics, clocking in at 3 hours. But then again, that’s a common complaint of the Oscars.

Okay on to the jewelry (totaling more than 30 million!):

According to Forbes:

The 2018 Oscars were much more colorful than the blackout statement at the Golden Globes, except when it came to the jewels. Diamonds and white metals were the overwhelming favorite among the stars. The other major trend on the Oscars red carpet was sparkling drop earrings, particularly pear shaped gems or filigree designs. Necklaces were not as prevalent as in past years but those that did appear were sparkling diamond statements.

Looking at the sea o’ celebrities on the red carpet, it was easy to spot a good amount of Chopard jewels as well as De Beers Forevermark and Harry Winston diamonds. Fred Leighton (as per usual) could be seen frequently as well.

Frankly, it was nice to see less statement necklaces which helped shine the light on other types of jewelry.


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