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Why wear clip-on earrings?

If you’re anything like me, you had a mom (or aunt or grandmother) who wore them. And quietly, you always wondered why. Clip-on earrings seemed like a dull, quiet act of masochism. No it didn’t hurt a lot–but it certainly didn’t feel good. (And let’s not even discuss those screw-on earrings…yikes!)

So what are the benefits for clip-on earrings (when post earrings seem infinitely more comfortable)? 

Well, for one thing: you give your ear lobes a break. The constant tug on your ears from heavy earrings can lead to elongated holes and in the worst case scenario, a split of your earlobe (which often takes cosmetic surgery to repair).

Another benefit of the clip-on: they’re not your mother’s clip-ons anymore! They’re designed now to sit on your ears lightly an gently. (We like smaller to mid-size clip-on earrings to really experience how comfortable they can be.)

Lastly, clip-ons (even larger ones) can be fun for a night out. They open up a new world of design possibilities (think thrift store finds) and even if you feel a little tug, its only for a few hours.


These clip-on earrings are killing me.

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