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Smart Tips for Buying Jewelry this Holiday

Many clients have come to us over the years with a similar complaint:

“I don’t know what to get her!”

This has often deterred many purchases. And for good reason. Jewelry can be expensive and people don’t want to buy the wrong item. Here are a few basic pointers this holiday season:

1. Observe, observe, observe. Take a moment to see what your recipient frequently wears. It’s that simple. If she wears big statement necklaces, it’s probably best not to get her a subtle pendant.

2. Go with the classics. There are some pieces that consistently please most women. This could include a string of pearls, stud earrings or a tennis bracelet.

3. Remember, it’s about the heart, not the wallet. Trust us on this one: women (and many men) deeply appreciate the gift of jewelry. Jewelry, more than most gifts, symbolizes love. It’s a very personal gift. So take the chance, regardless of your choice. And remember, there are affordable pieces that speak of love just as easily!

Below is a great example of an across-the-board crowd pleaser.



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