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“Thanks so much for spending so much time with me and really listening to exactly what I wanted. . .”

“Hi Joe!  I received the package today, and started wearing the sapphire ring immediately (saving the wedding band for the wedding day :) ).  They’re beautiful!  I’ve already gotten compliments on the ER!

Thanks so much for spending so much time with me and really listening to exactly what I wanted, both in terms of design and each individual element of the ring — the fact that you were able to find metal that was hypoallergenic AND recycled (and not out of my price range); create the ring from Moissanites, but not only that, find the rare sizes of 1.6mm, 1.3mm, AND 1mm to craft the perfect ring; and find the best lab created sapphire in the exact size I wanted — all of that is totally amazing and is a testament to your superb customer service.  I told the story of how we figured out the design and all the components to my future parents-in-law, and they were so touched to hear how hard you worked to put this amazing ring that so perfectly fits my aesthetics and my values!  I can’t wait to be able to wear both rings together!  Thanks so much for crafting this most special set of rings!

All the best,
And, from a prior email (all used with Dawn’s permission)

“My favorite part of the ring (besides the way it will look) is that it is completely eco — recycled, allergy-free metal and completely synthetic, non-mined stones.  To me, this is a quintessentially custom ring fitting exactly what I want — not just the way I want it to look, but also the components completely fit my values.  One suggestion for your website — I think writing short blurbs about what people wanted when you were coming up with the ring design would be cool — I loved looking at all the different designs (and I was heartened by the fact that all the designs looked so different — a testament, I was thinking, to the fact that you really make the ring fit the tastes of your customer, rather than your own taste). . . .”

Have a look at Dawn’s project page here:

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