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Custom Design Jewelry for a Landmark in your Life

It’s easy to celebrate cornerstones in your life but often harder to memorialize them. Custom design jewelry can help you mark a special moment in your way and in a permanent way – something a generic gift or party can’t do.

We live in an age where most of the items we buy are mass-made. You might love that dress of yours – but you know full well that its worn by millions of others. It doesn’t have that deeply personal feel.

When I received my first custom made piece of jewelry, I had no clue how much it would mean to me. It was one of a kind. And it was designed with me in mind. It’s a simple piece but it really exemplifies my personality. When I wear it, it’s a distinctly different feel than my other necklaces. It’s mine.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion in your life, consider a piece of custom design jewelry from Joseph Schubach Jewelers.

We are professionals at making personal jewelry.

(Above) An existing customer of ours, Mary Beth, upgraded to a magnificent handmade platinum oval diamond ring, entitled simply Platinum Dream.

100 Years in Jewells Business

Today, Joseph Schubach builds upon his family's experience and continues the tradition with Joseph Schubach Jewelers, offering both intimate jewelry brokering in his Scottsdale, Arizona showroom and full-service online sales to clients from around the world, where he has maintained that personal customer connection in the virtual world.

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